The World’s First 4K Long-Throw Home Projector with Dolby Vision

Stream What You Love

Exceed the Limits of Color and Contrast

Remarkable brightness, contrast, and color

Advanced HDR inspired by the cinema

Enjoy your favorite shows and movies from your preferred streaming service, seeing what the characters see, and feeling what they feel.

· Billions of Colors
· Sharper Contrast
· Richer Details

Dolby Vision picture feels so real it completely immerses you, creating a stronger connection to the characters, stories and experiences crafted by filmmakers, game designers, and creatives for you to enjoy.

Marvel at an advanced high-dynamic range that makes your entertainment look more like the real world.

Dual Light technology like you've never seen

XGIMI’s Laser-LED Hybrid Dual Light technology resolves the dilemma to compromise on color, picture quality, or brightness with industry-leading accuracy and an ultra-high color gamut and brightness.

Industry-leading Brightness & Color Accuracy
—— this is the best of both worlds.

With 2300 ISO lumens, you get the best of both worlds—ultra-high brightness plus realistic color both night and day. Just sit down, relax, and be amazed by what you see!

The ISO sensitivity of XGIMI products far exceeds that of other products priced over $6000

Professional-grade Color Accuracy
— it’s like you’re actually there

Industry-leading calibration of △E ≈ 1 plus a stunning 1.07 billion color display. Attested by the pros, you get lifelike entertainment, blending fantasy and reality beautifully.

Shot by Canon EOS R5

Say Goodbye to Speckles

Industry-leading calibration of △E ≈ 1 plus a stunning 1.07 billion color display. Attested by the pros, you get lifelike entertainment, blending fantasy and reality beautifully.

XGIMI Projector and Other Products Comparison Chart

Shot by Canon EOS R5 ISO 250 24~70@10 mm f/16 0.20s

Accurate Colors without Fringing

Effect Comparison

DCI-P3 Color Spectrum—An Array of Lifelike Colors

Immerse in ultra-vivid color thanks to a wide DCI-P3 color gamut range of up to 95.5%, also certified by world-renowned testing experts TÜV Rheinland and SGS. With more realistic and dynamic colors, everything you watch will be mesmerizing.

Top-of-the-Line Optics All in One Device

The Latest Android TV 11 For Endless Entertainment

Enjoy versatile viewing experiences from your all-in-one home theater, with countless apps featuring the best games, movies, music, and much more!

XGIMI Product Detail Image


Product Classification

Home Projector

Display Technique


Supported Formats

HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision

Standard Resolution

3840 x 2160 pixels


High Light Transmission Coated Lens



Light Source

Dual Light (LED+Laser)

Display Chip

0.47” DMD


2300 ISO Lumens 1

Expected Lamp Life

25000 Hours 5


3D (Top and Bottom(Including Frame Packing) & Side by Side)


Game mode ≤ 18ms (AK off)


ISA 3.0 Technology

Uninterrupted Auto Keystone Correction
Uninterrupted Auto Focus
Intelligent Screen Alignment
Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
Intelligent Eye Protection
Wall Color Adaption

Throw Ratio


Image Size

40” – 200”2

Optical Zoom


Projection Method

Front, Rear, Front Ceiling, Rear Ceiling



2 x 12W Harman/Kardon

DTS-Studio Sound

DTS-Virtual: X

Dolby Digital (DD)




Dolby Audio


Dolby Digital Plus (DD+)






Android TV™ 11.0 3


32GB 6

Mirroring Display

Chromecast built-in/Airscreen



Wifi 6 Dual-band 2.4/5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax 4

Input Ports

DC x 1
HDMI x 1
HDMI (EARC Supported) x 1
USB x 2
LAN x 1


Bluetooth 5.2/BLE

Output Ports

Headphone x 1 (3.5mm)


Noise Level

<28dB@1m 7


AC100~240V,50/60Hz, adapter 19V 15.79A

Power Dissipation



Product Size (H x W x D)

265 x 224 x 170mm 8

Product Weight

5.2kg 9

Product Notes:

1. Brightness (light output) will vary depending on usage conditions. White light output measured in accordance with ISO 21118. The nominal value represents the average value of mass production and is tested under ideal laboratory conditions in the performance mode/high power mode.

2. For the best viewing experience. we recommend using a projection size of 60-120 inches. Exceeding this range may affect the quality of your projected content. The display quality may vary based on product usage habits and environmental conditions.

3. Android TV is a trademark of Google LLC.

4. Router required.

5. 25,000 hours is the theoretical lifespan of the light source. The actual lifespan may vary due to differences in environmental conditions, product usage habits and the mode selected.

6. The actual storage capacity is subject to change based on various factors, such as system usage, software version, and settings used.

7. Measured under an ambient temperature of 25°C with a 1-meter distance from the machine. Results may vary based on different testing environments, conditions, and the product being evaluated. This data comes from XGIMI laboratories.

8. The measured size may vary based on configuration, manufacturing, and measurement method.

9. The measured weight may vary based on configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement method.

* Actual product features and specifications (including appearance, color, and size) and actual display aspects (including backgrounds, interface, and icons) may vary by country. Please consult the point of sale for further information.

* All performance data in the preceding pages are theoretical values obtained by XGIMI internal laboratories through tests conducted under particular conditions. Refer to the aforementioned product details for more information on the specific testing conditions. Actual performance may vary based on individual product configurations. software versions, application conditions, and environmental factors. All data is subject to actual usage.

* XGlMl makes every effort at the time of publication to ensure the accuracy of product information it provides. Due to subsequent changes involving product batches, production, and supply factors, it may be necessary for XGlMl to make changes and adjustments to text and images so that they match the performance, specifications, indexes, and components of the actual product. Product information is subject to such changes and adjustments without notice.

* Operating temperature: 0℃to 40℃.

* All parameters listed on this page are measured in an XGIMl internal test environment for mass production. User experiences may vary in different settings, usage conditions, software versions, etc. Please check the official XGlMl website for detailed test standards and data.

* The product will be attached with a printed manual. However, the electronic manual will be updated on the XGlMl website. 

* The typical value of ΔE≈1 for color accuracy in the factory production of XGIMI HORIZON Ultra is obtained from the XGIMI Optical Laboratory. The calibration parameters will take effect when the high color accuracy mode is correctly activated in the system. Color accuracy may vary slightly depending on factors such as projection usage time and lab testing equipment. Please refer to your actual experience for an accurate assessment.

* SGS Certification Number: PT/23/GEN/0063

* The Wall Color Adaption feature needs to be enabled in the system settings to take effect. Once activated, it can calibrate the picture based on wall colors with a color temperature ranging from 3000K to 15000K. However, the calibration effect may vary depending on the wall color. For optimal results, we recommend using it in dimly lit environments.

* All of XGIMI’s currently available floor stands and ceiling mounts are incompatible with HORIZON Ultra.